February 20, 2024


Thank you all for your donations to the band.

You will see in the schedule below that we will have limited rehearsals for the remainder of the season. This is mainly due to the success of the McNary music programs which lead to more events being held at McNary. As usual we will do our best work to keep improving.


Feb  21 

March 6, 20

April 3, 24

May 1, 8  (I will see if we can add a rehearsal on a day that isn’t Wednesday).

Tuesday May 21, Concert at Keizer City Hall

May 29, June 5 (Jazz Band if needed) I will be gone.

Rehearsal music

Bombasto p. 7 March Masters Book

West Side Story


What A Wonderful World

A Trumpeter’s Lullaby


Swing’s The Thing

Billboard March

Homeward Bound

Where Eagles Soar

Teddy Trombone

Stranger On The Shore

Rock, Roll and Remember