August 6, 2022

Hello Keizer Community Band members and friends. In anticipation that we will actually have band this year I have contacted McNary to let them know we would like to rehearse there and I am awaiting their response.  I am cleaning out folders and putting different music in them. I know many of you still have folders. If possible, I need you to return your folder to me before September. You can drop it off at my house,  5666 Takelma Ct NE in Keizer. If we are not home just leave inside the white storm door in the front of the house. If you need help call me at 503-930-0707.

As always, we look for new members at the beginning of the season. I know I have talked with several of you who would like to join the band. If you are interested in joining the band see our webpage at or contact me at or 503-930-0707.